Sunday, August 28, 2016

Voices of the Dead OUT NOW

Interested in lurking around in old dark places hoping for a ghostly encounter? perhaps even wanting to capture evidence of such an encounter. Voices of the Dead by Jacob James and Laura Rose will walk you through the very basic requirements and equipment needed to head out into the night and start looking for ghosts.

Voices of the Dead is out now and is available on amazon and amazon kindle 

Within the pages of this fascinating title readers will be schooled on the ins and outs of paranormal research and investigation, while focusing mostly on the concept of Electronic Voice Phenomenon research.           

Friday, August 26, 2016

Welcome to our NEW site.

North Florida Mystery Trackers is proud to announce and reveal an all NEW site format.

An easy to use blog format that can be updated by members any where, any time. 

As a general rule for any time our site goes for a make over or a complete switch in formatting, we ask that you give us a little time to get things up and running fully. In the coming weeks we will be adding both new and old articles and content to the site. In the mean time feel free to explore the site as it is now as well as our other pages.. 

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