Welcome to our FAQ page, here we answer some of our most asked questions.

Q: How long has North Florida Mystery Trackers been researching and investigating the paranormal?

A: Our group has been conducting field research and paranormal investigations since December 2009. 

Q: How do I report paranormal activity or request an investigation?

A: We do not conduct private paranormal investigations.

Q: How many haunted locations have the group visited? 

A: Our group has investigated nearly 50 cases involving ghosts.
However, not all of those cases have documented evidence of the paranormal. out of the cases, we have investigated only a small fraction of them have something otherworldly going on.

Q: How many cases outside of hauntings have North Florida Mystery Trackers researched or investigated?

A: We have researched more than 100 case studies involving paranormal and unexplained occurrences. 

Q: Will North Florida Mystery Trackers analyze or confirm my evidence of the paranormal? (pictures, videos or E.V.P recordings)

A: Sorry, we can only analyze evidence for cases we are researching or investigating.