Why Do So Many Paranormal Groups Dissolve?

Before we go into this subject, it's important to note that we will never point fingers or call out other groups. That is not what we are about, in fact, we support and encourage the formation of paranormal research groups and the curiosity that they ignite in people, and wish them the best of luck in all of their endeavors.

We are not claiming to be experts on longevity within the paranormal world, however, NFMT does have 12+ years of experience whereas today's life expectancy of a paranormal group is 1-3 years.

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The paranormal world has seen a significant decrease in active paranormal groups, many dissolving without any notice. When searching online for groups we knew to be active from 2009-2013, there were small traces of their existence found. Their websites weren't located, nor any other pages that they may have had. Some searches did return old articles promoting events or paranormal investigations from the few groups that were lucky enough to catch some media attention in their local area.     
We can't say why these groups disappear as quick as they launch, but we can speak for ourselves on what has helped us remain active for over a decade. Not all paranormal groups are the same, the reasons for them to start or dissolve varies from group to group, and from member to member.

Many people start investigating the paranormal in an attempt to understand a previous encounter they may have had some time in their life, and some groups may just simply dissolve when they find the answers they were seeking.   

Now, we can't and won't promise that if you try to follow or implement the things we discuss in this article that your group will be more stable or will last longer than the average time of 1-3 years.

North Florida Mystery Trackers launched in 2009 as an average paranormal research team with a primary focus on ghosts and hauntings with an interest to expand our research, by 2012 we expanded to include other paranormal subjects, legends, and mythology. We were founded by 21 years olds with no organizational experience or paranormal research experience, but that didn't stop us from forming NFMT even though it was a major learning curve for the first 3 years. (Often referred to as our founding years)

So, why is NFMT still active after a decade?


The design of your group at the beginning is everything, you have to take a very hard look at what you are doing. This is paranormal research and study, it's a bigger concept than any group, co-founder, or member. It's to further a collective understanding of things that may not have an understanding. To ask questions that have no answers. You can't start or join a paranormal group with any other motive and expect it to last. The group has to be more of a collective purpose, than just a group with founders and members. Don't start a group. Start a collective purpose.


The research will be 99% of your success, not just paranormal research, but every kind of research you can imagine. Market research will help you with promotion and how to market your organization. psychology will help you understand people and how they think. Theology will help when it comes to understanding Religions and cultures. Learn as much as you can. Be an intellectual. Read plenty of books on a variety of topics and you will be better equipped when dealing with your paranormal studies or your group. Never stop learning new things, even if it doesn't seem to apply to paranormal research.


If you see your group or research as a fun weekend activity that you and your friends do for thrills, then it will fade away as such. People get bored when the thrill wears off, and they stop coming. You must have an uncompromised dedication to your group and purpose. Have a reason for existing, even if it only makes sense to you.


If you don't have a passion for what you do, then it becomes a non-paying job, and who wants to work a job that doesn't pay. A lack of passion will eventually cause you to quit, and if you don't spread your passion and dedication, others will quit too.      

Avoid self-imposed limitations

If you believe you can't do something then you remove any chances of it happening. You have to have a free-spirited mindset and believe anything is possible and that you are capable of accomplishing anything. Don't let others tell you what is or isn't possible. failure only happens when you quit.


Paranormal groups come and go regularly, all have a reason for forming, and all have a reason for dissolving. In a year, there will be tons more paranormal groups started around the world, and some of the ones currently active may not be around. NFMT looks forward to continuing on the journey we started 12 years ago, If you are currently in a group or are interested in forming your own group we hope this article helps you in your exploration of the paranormal.