Exploring Metaphysical Concepts Greater Than Ourselves


When we research the paranormal and metaphysical subjects that interest us, we are exploring and questioning concepts greater than ourselves. In no field of paranormal or metaphysical research will you find an expert. This is one area of life that nobody can teach or explain. You have to explore it for yourself.

Rather we like it or not, there are countless mysteries on Earth and beyond that has no explanation. It's the mysteries, big thinking, and curiosity that have kept North Florida Mystery Trackers going for more than a decade. A drive for curiosity alone has kept us focused and determined in all that we do in the paranormal and metaphysical world.

In the 11+ years, NFMT has been active within the paranormal, we have seen a lot of paranormal investigators and researchers get started solely based on what they saw on TV. Now, we are not saying it's a bad thing to get inspired, but perhaps a platform that's better known for its fiction than reality isn't the best source for inspiration when it comes to the paranormal.

Many working in the field have some sort of reason to be there, such as having a paranormal encounter at some point in their life. Or a person who has a driving force of curiosity that they can't shake off until they themselves feel the need to explore this bizarre world and all of the possibilities it offers.

In the past six years, we have developed a variety of paranormal and metaphysical research techniques to assist us in our exploration.

The North Florida Mystery Trackers that launched in late 2009 is a stranger to 2021's North Florida Mystery Trackers. Since 2009, we have expanded our research interests and expanded our reach to cover more of Florida, instead of just our local area.

Along with the exploratory expeditions we do in Florida, we follow and study reports of paranormal and metaphysical phenomena from all over the world. (Something we started doing around 2017 or 2018)

North Florida Mystery Trackers has a purpose. It's to ponder larger-than-life questions, seek truths we aren't meant to understand, explore metaphysical concepts greater than ourselves, to be an outlet for others to do the same. That is North Florida Mystery Trackers. 

While taking our journey down the path of metaphysics and the paranormal, we are proud to say that North Florida Mystery Trackers have been and will continue to be active in historic preservation by visiting/exploring, and donating to historical landmarks. (Many historical landmarks are maintained by non-profit organizations)