Searching For Ghosts - Paranormal Investigation (PT 2 of 3)

After investigating for ghosts, it's now time to see if you have caught any evidence to go with your paranormal experiences. 

Since we were only focused on using audio and video equipment, your evidence review should be easy.

Before Reviewing Your Recordings

The review should take place the next day, not right after the investigation. After many hours of investigating, you won't be able to provide the necessary attention this part of the investigation requires. You should get a full night's worth of sleep before checking your recordings. The best time to begin your review process is in the morning while you are still fresh and focused. 

Video Recordings 

While reviewing your video recordings, you will be looking for anything that seems out of place or strange. Things like transparent movement such as foggy or smoky looking figures.

Lights or orbs may be present as well, but we don't usually pay too much attention to orbs caught on video footage, especially if you are using a night vision camera. Dust or small moths can reflect on IR cameras giving the illusion of orbs. It's best to stick with transparent figures.

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Personal Experiences

Now, You and those who were present during the investigation should meet and discuss any and all of the paranormal encounters experienced. This is where your paranormal investigation notes will come into play. If you had any experiences worth writing down. 

While discussing the investigation with your co-investigators, also discuss any evidence you think you may have caught. If you think you caught an EVP, don't inform your co-investigators what you think it may say, let them tell you what they hear, to see if it's the same thing you hear. If you tell them what you hear before they hear it themselves, it can input a pre-conceived notion of what to listen for in the recording. 


So, we made it to the end of our paranormal investigation journey. If you follow the steps in all three parts of Searching For Ghosts, you will no doubt be able to find out if your house is haunted. You can live in a haunted house for a very long time before you start to notice odd occurrences.

Dangerous hauntings like the ones we see in the movies are a rarity, but there are some people affected by malevolent paranormal activity. If you believe that these basic paranormal investigation steps aren't efficient enough for your situation then you should call in a paranormal investigation team, one that has at least 4 or more years of experience.


  • Always have 1-3 co-investigators
  • Stick to basic recording equipment
  • Document all personal paranormal experiences
  • Get plenty of rest before evidence review
  • Discuss the investigation
  • Get professional assistance if needed
  • Research your experiences

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