As we move away from 2020 and into what is hopefully a much better year, North Florida Mystery Trackers looks to resume our field exploration, which came to a complete halt when the world went into lockdown due to the pandemic. 

Along with resuming field explorations, we plan on expanding in a number of areas, including charitable causes. If 2020 had anything at all to say, it's that we can all do a little better. As we expect our reach to only grow in the next few months, we will be coming up with ways to utilize our platform to help spread awareness regarding charities we support. 

Right now, mankind is hurting. Hurting bad. As a result, more people have been thinking about what it means to be alive, to die, or to lose somebody close to them. These are questions North Florida Mystery Trackers have been asking since late 2009.

Just like the rest of the world, we were forced to either change the way we operated or quit altogether. Well, quitting wasn't a logical option. So, we switched to more of an "In-house" research model. Observing and studying the various events of the past year as they happened. Focusing mostly on the Covid-19 pandemic.

NFMT along with the rest of the exploration community will continue our research and studies in 2021, no matter how this new and uncertain year will be.   

North Florida Mystery Trackers wishes everybody a happy new year, we are thinking about those in pain who are understandably not having a good new year. Remember, you are far from alone.

Exploration is the key to knowledge and understanding.