Exploration of the Paranormal Lifestyle


Having a paranormal encounter could have a life-changing effect, that's why many people who have experienced the paranormal start investigating those experiences.

When we say the paranormal is a lifestyle, we mean the paranormal is a LIFESTYLE. after experiencing something you can't explain, it lives with you forever.

If you are prone to paranormal activity, then you are more likely to start questing these experiences and perhaps even become a paranormal researcher or investigator.

This is the same concept behind those who find comfort in religion after experiencing a near-death encounter. We want to believe in something bigger than ourselves, let it be the concepts found in religion or the idea of a spiritual world existing. Those who are believers will profess that there is no doubt something beyond our understanding going on in our world and beyond.

Like many religious people who live with certain beliefs, those who are affected by the paranormal also have beliefs that are often aligned with the philosophical beliefs of most major religions.

There is a big link between the paranormal and religion since nearly all religions have a belief in a spiritual world of some kind. Paranormal investigators around the world attempt to prove that these beliefs are not just faith-based, but in fact have metrics in reality.

Alien Abduction

Like those who have had encounters with the spiritual world, those who have had encounters with otherworldly life forms also live with their terrifying and life-changing experiences forever.

Ghosts are one thing, but aliens are a completely different thing. Life after death is a widely discussed subject among the living, so it's become somewhat of a normal thing even experienced by millions throughout history. However, alien abductions remain to be a rarity, and not often discussed widely like ghosts and spiritual activity.

Psychics and Mediums

It's fair to say there are two types of psychics and mediums, 1) fraudulent psychics who use cold reading techniques or claim to have abilities just for profit. 2) Those who really claim to have a sixth sense, and can communicate with the other side, or perhaps dream of a future that comes true.

A quick search on the web will yield many results for you to choose from if you are looking to have your future foretold or communicate with the spiritual world. Of course, you do this at your own risk and may not be able to tell if you are dealing with the real deal or a con artist looking to scam you out of money.

Now, we are not saying all psychics who charge for their services are fake, but there are ones who have no abilities at all but play more on how naive the person is and fool them into believing that they know all of this stuff about them, that only a psychic could have known. One tactic used is known as cold reading, where they ask a few questions and construct enough of a story for you to believe they are predicting things about you.

Mediums are known to use the same tactics when claiming to be in touch with the spiritual realm. They will get enough information from the living, to have it go with what they are supposedly being told from the other side.

Demonic Activity

Those to have claimed to have experienced the darkest forms of paranormal activity such as demonic will tell you it's just a thing that becomes a part of you in crippling ways.

Nearly all religions have one thing in common, Demons or some other dark and negative deities. Exorcisms of demonic or evil forces also span beyond just that of the Christian belief system and are practiced by many other cultures and religions.

The priests (and the others) who are skilled and practice this ritual of "Demon Banishing" see it as a true to life lifestyle. Unbreakable, truly faithful to what they believe, live and work with a passion to be good, and extremely dedicated. To be a "Demon Hunter" you have to have these traits.

Paranormal Researchers

Paranormal researchers and investigators are also among those who are affected by the paranormal in one way or another on nearly a daily basis, and as a result, it becomes embedded into their lifestyle. Although it's a rarity, paranormal investigators have been known to report experiencing paranormal activity at home after assisting a client with their own paranormal issues.

These are just a few of the ways that the paranormal can become a lifestyle or affect your life in a way that makes it somewhat a lifestyle. If your house is haunted, you can count on having fewer visitors and guests, and probably restless nights. Paranormal researchers often have a hard time explaining to family, friends, or co-workers what it is they do on the weekends and sometimes during the week. Seeking out haunted places just to stay the night can seem odd to some people and exciting to others.