Strange Monolith Discovered In Utah Desert, Then Mysteriously Disappears

Utah public safety workers discovered a three-sided metal structure/monolith while surveying for bighorn sheep. Officials believe it to be a form of art, perhaps that of  John McCracken, a sculptor who told his son in 2002 that he would like to leave his art in remote locations to be found later. John McCracken passed away in 2011.

Its discovery was weird enough, then it just disappeared without a trace. 

It's said that the object was somehow embedded into the rock, the whole installment job probably wasn't an easy task. Who put it there, Who took it, how, or why remains a mystery. The Utah Department of public safety is just as mystified about the situation as everybody else.

There appears to be little to no investigative actions relating to the monolith, its installment, or its removal.  Once again, we add another unexplained mystery to the countless others we hear about every year.

If it was indeed some sort of art, it's reasonable to assume that it was somehow stolen by one of the many people who came to see it for themselves. The location was found based on GPS coordinates.