First sailing on May, 27th, 1936, the queen mary has become a significant historical landmark and is often billed as one of the most haunted places on Earth. After surviving world war two, sailing for many years, and accumulating a wealth of history, the queen mary sailed for the final time from Southampton to Long Beach, California on October, 31st, 1967.

It's believed that at least 49 deaths have occurred on or near the ship, even since it's been permanently docked and opened as a tourist attraction in Long Beach, California. Over the years many paranormal investigations have been conducted, some even appearing on TV, many ghost stories and paranormal experiences originate from this ship. 

Now, the world will be granted unprecedented access to the queen mary for four nights in a special LIVE virtual paranormal investigation/event hosted by The Dark Zone and includes celebrity appearances by Kane Hodder (Jason X, Hatchet), Jeff Belanger (30 Odd Minutes, New England Legends), and many more.  

David Jones

The virtual paranormal investigation will broadcast from Oct 29, 2020 - Nov 2, 2020, information and tickets can be found HERE, it's only $19.99 for the four-day broadcast.

Paranormal enthusiasts and explorers around the world will be tuning in and taking part in this historical moment. We are proud to say that NFMT will be tuning in and monitoring the four-day broadcast.  


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