Tips To Starting A Paranormal Group

Think the world doesn't have enough paranormal researchers and investigators? That's ok, The Paranormal and other metaphysical research fields can never have too many researchers or investigators. Most of the people involved in the field are looking for an explanation for something that may have happened to them at some point in their life. Rather they seen a ghost, been abducted by an alien race, or anyone of the other many unexplained claims that occur every year. 

Although it seems that people have been looking for explanations for any unexplained phenomenon for nearly 160 years, (more on that here)  It didn't become a popular phenomenon until the early 2000s due to a rising interest in paranormal reality shows found on TV. However, upon researching this subject you will find that paranormal investigation and ghost hunting have been around a lot longer then most people think, and will most likely stay around no matter how popular it may or may not be.


Most of the groups that were around when we formed in 2009 are mostly all gone with a few exceptions. From some perspectives, paranormal research may seem dead and gone, but that's not the case. There are many researchers and investigators still very active in one area or another of the paranormal research field. Before we go into starting a new group in 2020, we should note that it is not and has never been a competition. Paranormal research and study isn't a business, therefore there is no need for any sort of competitiveness. Do what you love, and forget what others may be doing.  

You should get involved in this field not because of what you may have seen on TV but to try to get an understanding of something that doesn't seem to have an understanding. Nobody has ever said asking the big questions isn't important, it's just not everybody who is asking the big questions is known or sometimes even credited for one reason or another. There are countless paranormal groups still working in the field in 2020, and every one of the members of these groups is trying to find a big answer to a big question. Most groups specialize in hauntings or ghosts, and therefore they are trying to figure out if there is an afterlife. 

If you are reading this right now, you must have already begun asking yourself some of these big questions, or perhaps you are trying to understand or explain an event that has occurred at some point in your life. whatever the reason you may have for wanting to get involved in paranormal research, here are a few tips that may help you on your journey to forming a new paranormal research group. These are based on what North Florida Mystery Trackers has learned in the 10+ years of our existence.

Learn As Much As You Can

Before setting up a group and a website and hitting the road for a paranormal investigation, you may want to consider some serious self-education in paranormal research and investigations. A good place to start besides the obvious choice of studying online is to find and read as many books on the subject as you can. Don't just watch a bunch of shows and videos and then assume you're a paranormal expert. Really learn the ins and outs of the field. Think long and hard about the decision to go into paranormal research. Many researchers and investigators will go on to have life-changing experiences if they stay in the field long enough. 

Organize Your Group

Get together with your friends, or other like-minded individuals who may be interested in the paranormal. Sit down and figure out what kind of paranormal phenomenon these individuals have an interest in. Most of the time you will find that people who have any interest in any type of paranormal phenomenon, will most likely be interested in all types of unexplained claims. Make sure that everybody who says they are interested in pursuing, is truly interested. This is impossible, but if you think somebody may be coming along for cheap thrills, instead of having a true interest, you may not want that person participating in your paranormal investigations. 

Name Your Group

Now, you have a small group of friends who have an interest in trying to understand the things mankind has been attempting to understand since the dawn of time. It's time to officially launch your new paranormal group. The first thing a group needs to do once they are formed is come up with a name. In this regard, the most important thing is to make sure any names that your founding members put on the table are not already taken.

Get An Online Presence

This one goes without saying, but we will include it anyway. Between having a website and a social media page, you need both. This can't be said enough. Some people may claim that all you need is a social media page, but they are wrong. Your group needs its own official home on the web, in addition to having a social media page.

Don't Expect A Paying Job

If it's money you are looking for, you might want to reconsider getting involved in paranormal research or at least have a day job. The people who seek out the paranormal don't usually start out with monetary value in mind. All they have their mind on is researching and studying the paranormal. However, many paranormal researchers do go on and write books or produce other forms of media based on their research, but this usually takes many years of somebody researching, studying, and investigating. So, sorry to say but paranormal research is largely volunteer work that those with a certain passion in the area do for a variety of reasons.

Case Management

Decide if your group will be offering private paranormal investigation services or if your cases will be selective. Luckily, North Florida Mystery Trackers in more than 10 years have done both, so we can address the subject more accurately. From 2010-2016 shortly after we were founded, NFMT offered private paranormal investigations but then switched our focus to more selective cases. This allows more freedom when it comes to sharing information regarding the cases your group may be researching or investigating. 

Team Management

You will most likely be managing your newly founded paranormal group in the digital landscape. From the cases, you may be working on to managing team members. there is software now available to help with this. offers a program called The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook or aka The Plan for only $19.95. That's not too bad for all of the management and investigation tools that are included.

Equipment Needed

Now, when it comes to paranormal research and investigation equipment, it doesn't have to have a big price tag. While Ghost Hunting here is your basic list of items you may want to bring on an investigation.

*Voice Recorder
*Video Camera
*Digital Camera
*Notepad and a pen

In conclusion, you can form your very own paranormal group without much money or effort, it's important to also note that there is a lot more to learn in all areas of starting a new group, this is meant to point you in the right direction for your journey. We encourage everybody who may be interested in the paranormal to do their homework extensively before starting or joining a paranormal research group. Everything mentioned above is nothing more than a few friendly tips that may assist you in your research efforts, but there is still a lot more to learn.