Continuing The Search For Answers To The Unexplained

We all love a good mystery, somehow we forget that in this world of ours there is nothing but mysteries. All around us, all the time. Who are we? Why are we here? What happens when we die? These are just some of the many, many questions that demand an answer.  

When you start to ask life's biggest questions, you then start to ask even bigger questions. This is what being a paranormal researcher is all about. Going down that rabbit hole to see what's on the other side. Sure, science may have an explanation for some things, but there are some things that even science can't explain away. We have a lot of big questions with pending answers that we are still waiting for science to answer, like, are we alone?

Here at North Florida Mystery Trackers, that's what we are about. Asking the big questions and looking for the big answers. After more than 10 years, we are still at it and don't have any plans on slowing down. As long as there are unexplained mysteries and paranormal phenomena, groups like NFMT will always exist and people will keep searching for answers to these unexplained occurrences no matter what they may be.

When we first started in mid-December 2009, we were mostly researching reports of hauntings and spiritual activity. Now, we have expanded our research to a wide range of paranormal and metaphysical subjects. Visit our About page to learn more about our research interests.

We have said it once and we will say it again, weird things do happen rather we can explain them or not. We just have to accept the fact that mankind doesn't have the whole world mapped out like we want to believe. After so many years in the field, you realize there are so many reports and claims that are very hard to believe. 

North Florida Mystery Trackers has researched over 150 cases and investigated over 50 reports of ghosts and spirits. This collection of EVPs are from NFMT's earlier days. Now, rebranded and researching a wide range of interests, NFMT hasn't investigated any new reports of a haunting in a few years. Instead, we focus more on research and study (R&S) where we research, investigate, and analyze paranormal and metaphysical activity. And when we need to conduct a paranormal field investigation we schedule one at a public place that is reported to be haunted.

As mentioned before, we will move forward in our research endeavors. We do think it's important to understand at least some of this stuff. It opens your mind up to all kinds of possibilities. 

Want to learn more? visit our About or FAQ pages.