Some Devices To Carry With You During A Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal investigation, in short, is documenting ghost-like activities that occur frequently. These activities can happen anywhere; that’s where paranormal investigators and Researchers come into play. While paranormal investigators do their investigation, a lot of gear and equipment is necessary in order to ensure successful, legitimate recordings are taken while these freaky instances happen. Having the best technology and equipment is what the investigators need; we’ll teach you a few things about a few of the things to use and techniques that are a must-have in order to make these recordings happen without fail.


If you ever watched a ghost hunters show, you’ll notice that the investigators will have a digital voice recorder in order to track the EVP session. EVP is short for “Electronic Voice Phenomena”, which will be able to catch onto any creepy voices or other paranormal sounds within the area. These devices are small, handheld and they usually run on a battery; a very necessary piece of equipment to have when you are trying to track these ghostly sounds. Another necessary device to bring along on your paranormal investigation would be a Digital Camera, in order to catch sightings that may show up at the venue you are at. The digital camera can have night vision or not, but night vision is recommended, which is good for catching unexplained shadows and figures. You'll be able to catch still figures as well as great video footage during your event, assuring that all weird objects that come up in front of the camera are caught and recorded properly.

An infrared thermometer or a K-II electromagnetic field detector are great devices to carry along with you because they will be able to effectively catch cold spots and EMF spikes at the haunted area. the thermometer will capture temperatures from cold, all the way to hot temps. Be sure to do in-depth research on the location you are investigating and on the equipment you may be using.