North Florida Mystery Trackers is very proud to have just celebrated our 10th anniversary and look forward to continuing our core mission in researching and studying paranormal and metaphysical phenomena in 2020, along with conducting our primary research in various paranormal and metaphysical subjects, we will continue to focus heavily on original digital content publication via the official website of North Florida Mystery Trackers as well as our publishing label Mystery 9 Media.

North Florida Mystery Trackers is no doubt a very different group today, then it was when it was first founded in November/December 2009. For starters, we no longer refer to NFMT as a paranormal research team in the traditional sense. Our group has gone through many changes and as a result, our entire organizational structure is set up differently.

Similar groups had only interest in conducting paranormal field investigations involving ghosts and claims of haunted houses. NFMT was no different in this regard, from 2009-2012 we primarily focused on investigating hauntings like many other groups, groups that are no longer around. In order to survive, evolution was needed. North Florida Mystery Trackers began to expand our areas of research in an effort to distance ourselves from the paranormal community as it was currently perceived at that time.

Many groups that arrived on the scene around the time we did was imitating what was seen on paranormal reality shows and a lot of them based their entire interest in the paranormal on what they saw on TV. It took us a few years before we realized that was the case and is very likely why many groups became inactive within a few years of starting. Where NFMT was formed on very different premises and by people who have been engaged in researching and studying paranormal cases years before the name North Florida Mystery Trackers was ever spoken.


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We had no interest in the paranormal world as it was being perceived on TV or any interest in a show of our own. Was not looking for the fame of any kind in the paranormal reality world. We had our research interests and that was that. Later, we would form our own publishing label Mystery 9 Media as a way of sharing and publishing our experiences and research on our terms.

In 2020, we will continue both our research with NFMT and digital content publication via Mystery 9 Media as well as our site right here at