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Interpretations Of Dreams

Dreaming is a natural part of the sleep process and dream interpretation has been subject to wide discussion throughout the Centuries in various Cultures.

Though History shows that much has been related to dreaming, science qualifies it as a natural process of the brain, by reorganizing our neural processes and as much as we can take this as a simple and plain explanation, little is to be said about dream interpretations.

A dream can often be related to the fear of something, These are usually qualified as nightmares. They put us or the ones close to us in scenarios of danger, loss, injury or paranormal events. They are linked to our deepest fears and taboos, our worse imaginable scenarios. Many times we may not even be aware that we're deeply afraid of something until we experience it in a dream but it is the way the brain expresses the subconscious fears that live within us. 

A dream can also be related to a repressed feeling or memory. 
It's common to meet up with people that we've had or would like to have had a close personal relationship with, but for some reason did not happen or is not a reality anymore. You'll find yourself at a subconscious level wondering a "what if" scenario, though many times it will be hard to find logic in this type of dream. 

Dreams are also often described by people as being involved in flying or a floating feeling. They tend to be related to a relaxed, deep sleep phase. They are often experienced when you have little amounts of stress in your daily life and an added feeling of lightness that extrapolates to your sleep phase.

Just as common as flying, the opposite also happens when one dreams he's falling down. These dreams are frequently experienced in-between phases of sleep, especially light sleep or when you've just started to fall asleep. As your body and its muscles relax, spasms occur and you experience that rush of falling down only to come back to conscience a few seconds after.

It's common for people to dream with family and friends that have parted and with whom they had a close relationship with, as humans are a complex Social species that bonds with others. These may also include animals that were part of the family, places from childhood, foods and moments that are strongly printed in one's mind. The surroundings of dreams are very often without too much logic whether in time or space and may appear dislocated.

The only common factor about most personal related dreams is a deep personal relationship in real life towards specific people, animals, places or events that took part. In the same way that your memory stores this information throughout most of your life, your subconscious also has access to that same information through interprets and presents it in a different manner when you're asleep.

Culturally in the Past, dreams have been linked to Prophecies and decisions that affected the lives of millions of people as it was common for these to be interpreted as a divine sign or message towards a decision. In our high-tech 21st Century, Science has taken over and explains most of our brain's functioning and leaves little room for divine interpretations. In fact, science defines dreaming as a natural state that may or may not occur when you're sleeping. As much as some dreams may have a deep, meaningful link to ourselves, they should be faced as a natural process in the same way our imagination is when we're awake.

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