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Getting Started In The Paranormal Research Field

When you search online for paranormal groups you will find countless groups around the world, all of which have their own purpose. Some are thrill-seekers looking for the next scare, some are looking for answers to a past paranormal experience of their own, and some want to help people who are having paranormal encounters, but they all have a purpose.

When we started North Florida Mystery Trackers nearly 9 years ago we had very little knowledge on how to run a team, a website or to find places to investigate, everything started to come together in the first 3 years. In those three years, all of our members were recommended to read a lot on a variety of paranormal subjects, we still do.

Reading is the first step when you decide to enter the world of the unknown. Many people wish to start out by jumping right into a paranormal investigation. Getting to know the field, research and investigation techniques and the many paranormal subjects you will be investigating will help you when it c…