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The Ouija Experience

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The infamous Ouija board has been marketed as a board game since 1890, in those 128 years this board has climbed it’s way up the latter as one of the most spookiest and mysterious things on earth. (In many people’s eyes) However, many also embrace the board as a spiritual connection or as a good scare on Halloween.

As you may or may not know, The Ouija board is believed to be a tool for communication between the spiritual world and ours. In fact this is the main purpose of the game itself. The board has the alphabet, numbers, (0-9) Yes, No and Goodbye printed on it. It’s users place their index and middle finger on a heart shape device called a planchette, and begin to ask questions. After a few minutes the board should wake up and begin to respond to the questions by moving the planchette without any input from the users. It’s believed that spirits move the planchette to spell out answers by moving it over certain words and of course giving yes and no answers. At the end of the session the planchette moves to the Goodbye, indicating that the spirit is saying goodbye and is ending it’s communication with you.

Sometimes, those in attendance get a bit bummed out when nothing at all happens, or the planchette won’t move, but other times not only will the planchette move and answer your questions in great detail, but there will also be physical signs of a spirit. There have been many reports of Ouija sessions gone wrong. Some reports even claim that some users have experienced some form of demonic possession shortly after having a Ouija session.

Is this famous game even a game at all, or is it a gateway to the spiritual realm? Before it was introduced to the public in 1890, the board or it’s method of spiritual communication was used for a much longer period of time.

The Ouija board is almost always banned at paranormal investigations due to its lack of credibility and the many claims of Ouija boards making things worse at places that are experiencing paranormal activity.

Researchers from North Florida Mystery Trackers have recently taken a research interest in the board, at the time we are very unsure as to the board being used as a legitimate tool to communicate with the spiritual realm. We are more interested in the claims of the board itself. What makes this thing move? The users? The mind? A spirit?

These are just some of the questions that has been asked for over a century regarding the Ouija board. As we continue to research this infamous board and learn of it’s ways we will post our thoughts, theories and opinions regarding the board and its use.

We have already hosted two sessions and are getting some interesting results. When using a ouija board there are a few guidelines you should follow to ensure everything goes alright.

Those who use the Ouija board uses it for many purposes, some are looking for answers, while others may just wish to contact a loved one who has passed, and of course those who are just curious or are looking for a good scare. Nonetheless, the history, legend and myths are very real.

There are many people in and out of the paranormal field who are either against the use of the Ouija board, use it themselves or have no input at all regarding the Ouija board, and may just think it’s nothing but a game. It’s our understanding as of right now, it’s a little more than a game. It could serve as a gateway to the spiritual world, and therefore could unleash spiritual chaos in your life. This is of course according to reports of paranormal activity involving the use of the Ouija board.

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We can’t prove the stories of the Ouija board no more than we can prove that ghosts are real. All we can do is see if we have any experiences and document any paranormal activity that may occur.
Here are a few guidelines we think may help you if you decide to experiment with the Ouija board. Don’t take our guidelines as any form of rules to the Ouija board.

Based on our research, we do find it necessary to put together our own set of rules to follow during our experimental Ouija sessions.

1. Don’t host a session in your house. It’s been reported that Ouija boards have invited in negative spirits. 

2. Find a place that is already reported to be haunted for your session. A paranormal hot spot is the idea location for a Ouija session. 

3. Don’t attempt to contact somebody you know. Any kind of spirit can come through the Ouija board and tell you anything they want. You can’t trust the board.

4. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to. Like, anything regarding your future. Spirits can’t tell you about your future. When spirits do answer questions regarding your future, they are lying.

5. Always close out the session by saying goodbye and having the spirit you are talking to say goodbye. It’s believed that if you don’t say goodbye or if the spirit doesn’t say goodbye, paranormal activity could physically manifest. 

6. There should only be 2-3 people on the board at the same time. This will cut down on the possibility of somebody moving the planchette, and you will have more room to let the planchette move more freely on the board. 

7. Allow at least 1 minute for a response to your question. Spirits need to build up energy before they can manifest. 

Don’t take this as a set in stone kind of list, always feel free to do what makes you feel comfortable when using the Ouija board. By setting guidelines we believe that we can minimize the risk of a physical manifestation at your house or a spiritual attachment. As previously stated, this is our own set of guidelines, and we can’t recommend that you follow this or any other set of guidelines or rules regarding the Ouija board. One of the many fascinating aspects of the board is that it’s a learning experience for those involved. As paranormal investigators and researchers we strive to experience and document any encounter that might suggest that the stories of the Ouija board are more than just stories.

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