North Florida Mystery Trackers turns 7

This month marks the 7th year anniversary that North Florida Mystery Trackers have been conducting paranormal research.

In November of 2009 is when we formed North Florida Mystery Trackers with only a few friends, today our group still focuses on our main mission, and that is to research and study all aspects of paranormal and unexplained phenomena.  

Next month will mark 7 years that North Florida Mystery Trackers have been conducting paranormal field investigations. We conducted our very first three hour field investigation on December 14th 2009 in Lake City, FL.

Over the last seven years, we have overseen more than 50 cases involving suspected hauntings, hosted ghost tours, attended conventions, went on a local paranormal expo tour showcasing our research, released a guide on Electronic Voice Phenomenon and much more. We hope to continue our work in the paranormal research field in one fashion or another, you can bet when we started doing this we were set in finding the answers ourselves and not so much relying on another persons account of what they might think is a paranormal or a supernatural occurrence. So, we just did what any other rational group of friends would do. We got some cameras, an old tape recorder, some pin and paper and stayed three hours in a well known haunted location looking to encounter anything that might resemble some of the local ghost stories surrounding the area.         

Today, most people are found to be est in stone and they have already made their minds up one way or another regarding any mystery of the universe or our planet. To do what we do you must have an open mind.    
The group has at many times changed and with it some of the ways we do things as far as investigations and research is concerned, but we have always remained committed to our mission of seeking out unexplained activity, and then attempt to put an answer to it.     

It's not about this group or that group, or this person or that person. At end of the day (or how we say it, at beginning of dawn) we are all there for the same reason, doing the same thing to find the same answers that at one point we all wanted to know. 

We don't see or expect our group or the research we spent the last seven years doing to fade away anytime soon. We may have had some ups and downs within our group over the course of time but we are still standing strong and look forward to another exciting year. 

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