Who we are and we we do:

North Florida Mystery Trackers is a paranormal research and study group based out of Lake City, Fl. 

Our team conducts field research and paranormal investigations at a variety of haunted, mysterious  and historic locations across the state of Florida and in Georgia.    

During our field investigations we use digital cameras, video cameras, tape recorders and other types of equipment to document our experiences and to collect evidence of the paranormal, by using investigative skills and scientific methods we set out to try and rationalize claims of paranormal activity. When there is no other explanation to what is being reported then we see it as paranormal. Our investigations are not limited to only hauntings; we conduct investigations and research studies in all aspects of the unexplained and the mysterious.


As a paranormal research organization we are dedicated to studying, researching and investigating all things considered paranormal or unexplained. We enter every investigation with an open mind and a scientific approach. We use the knowledge and experience from our investigations to teach others about the paranormal.


Hauntings ~ Ghosts ~ Spirits ~ Poltergeist ~ Doppelgangers ~ Out of body experiences ~ UFO sightings ~ Crop circles ~ Mythology ~ Legends ~ Cryptozoology ~ Historical research 
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