NFMT Turns 8 This Month

This month, North Florida Mystery Trackers turns eight years old. Beginning in November 2009, our group has been proactive in paranormal and metaphysical fields. Researching, investigating and studying a variety of paranormal, unexplained and metaphysical experiences.

Over the past eight years we have visited more than 50 haunted, historical or mysterious sites throughout Florida and Georgia, from South Florida to North Georgia.


We have also conducted research on as many as 100 or more cases and sites outside the one's we have investigated ourselves. (We don't keep track of these) This would bring the total of cases we have either researched or investigated to 150+

As we approach our 8th year working in the paranormal field, our team of investigators and researchers are still going strong. We recently announced plans to reopen North Florida Mystery Trackers for membership.

One of the best parts of NFMT is giving people an opportunity to Explore and learn about new topics. The best way to give people these opportunities is for us to offer a FREE membership to North Florida Mystery Trackers.

We have membership levels based solely upon your interests. However, some investigative and research positions within North Florida Mystery Trackers require a certain amount of experience in that position. (If you don't have any pass experience in the position you want, you can earn the experience by starting out at a lower membership position)

We are offering a street team position for those who would like to serve in more of a supportive role. Our street team is tasked with all online and offline promotions. (This includes the sharing of NFMT content across your social media pages)

We are so proud of the pass eight years, we will continue our research and will continue to open our doors for curious minds for many years to come.

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