NFMT Re-branding 2017


Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who has worked with or supported North Florida Mystery Trackers in the past seven years, we fully understand that our line of work isn't for everyone, and therefore has caused many members to come and go over these seven years.

However, we have evolved since our founding and continue to hold onto our interest in all aspects of paranormal research.
Our readers may have noticed a bit of a site and group hiatus for the past couple months, During this time we have re-branded North Florida Mystery Trackers into a paranormal and metaphysical research and study group. This will aim to distance our group from the rest of the paranormal community.  

North Florida Mystery Trackers was founded in 2009 as an amateur paranormal research and investigation group. At the time of it’s original concept, North Florida Mystery Trackers consisted mostly of community college students. Over the course of seven and a half years we have conducted research and field investigations on more than a hundred case studies involving paranormal occurrences.

On this journey we have seen many research groups similar to North Florida Mystery Trackers fall apart due to lost/lack of interest in the paranormal field.
In order to keep our interests in research and North Florida Mystery Trackers alive and relevant, a complete re-branding and extension of our research and organization is necessary.

The entire organizational structure of North Florida Mystery Trackers shall be re-branded, this includes but is not limited to research and membership.

In addition to our full re-branding, we have changed our mission statement for the first time since our founding.
However, our group's name shall remain intact and unchanged. During our re-branding process, NFMT finds that our name still reflects the nature of our research. Our official name is “North Florida Mystery Trackers”

We will continue to build our archive of paranormal related articles and content here on our site. We hope becomes a resource that will assist new paranormal researchers and enthusiasts.

NEW Membership platform coming:

In the coming weeks, NFMT will be developing a new membership platform,  we will be offering new and improved membership opportunities to those who are interested in joining North Florida Mystery Trackers.

NFMT will be developing several new membership positions, including a “street team” position for those who are unable to be proactive with the group but have an interest in our research. Street team members are responsible for conducting online research for the group and promoting North Florida Mystery Trackers both online and offline.

Be sure to check our site often for updates regarding membership, articles on a variety of paranormal and metaphysical subjects and how you can get involved with NFMT. (We are still in the process of membership development and won't have any open positions for several weeks)

For our updated mission statement and a simplified version of our research interests, please visit our about page.

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