How to Stop Bad Dreams or Nightmares

Many people dislike bad dreams and nightmares because they experienced these terrible nights more than one time or two times. When they wake up from a bad dream, it is obvious that they feel rapid heartbeat, excessive sweat and shock. It is not serious if this phenomenon occurs occasionally, but for some people who get bad dreams or nightmares regularly, they should pay more attention to it.

There are many reasons for bad dreams and nightmares such as anxiety and stress, spicy food, chocolate, alcohol, illness and sleep disorders. If you are troublesome while sleeping the first thing you should do is find out the source of why you have bad dreams or nightmares, and then you can suit the remedy to the case.

How can we stop bad dream is quite a common query among many adults. In fact, around fifty percent of adult people get disturbing dreams at one point in time or another. For some unknown reason, women have more bad dreams than men. Let us now find out how to stop bad dreams in adults.

Have a regular bedtime and stick to it every day. Under any condition you should maintain it, no matter you are at home or on your business trip. Go to sleep and get up in the morning at a certain time can keep you have a good sleep.

Stop watching TV and or playing the computer game before you go to bed. A scary movie, sad news on TV, and computer game can influence your thoughts and stimulate bad dreams. All of these can make you said or pleasant and difficultly have a wonderful dream. Never mind even if those thoughts belong to your fantasy world and is slightly weird for real.

Doctors advise us meditation before bedtime is a great way of relaxing the mind. You can reverse count from 100 to zero with your focus on the breathing. Regular aerobic exercises also help you to control mental stress in a much better manner. This way is scientific to separate you from nightmares.

Tell your nightmare to other people is a release of your mind and body and relieve grief. If there is nobody listens to your dream, you can talk into a tape recorder. Write in it upon waking, even if it's only phrases or images.

These simple tips can help you improve your sleep quality, and take you away from terrible dreams.

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