North Florida Mystery Trackers in 2017

As North Florida Mystery Trackers approaches it's 7th year of researching, investigating and studying the paranormal, we will soon begin a reformation of our group. Our core mission and purpose will remain in tact fully and will not be impacted by any of the upcoming changes.

As of right now we are beginning work on some of these changes, by January 20th we should be completed with the reformation of North Florida Mystery Trackers.

One of the main changes that will be coming to our group next year will be the end of our team offering private paranormal investigations. Instead we will return back to our original concept when we formed North Florida Mystery Trackers in 2009.

When we formed North Florida Mystery Trackers back in 2009, we didn't start out conducting or offering private investigations to clients regarding their paranormal claims. We started this for the passion we all had with everything unexplained or paranormal related. We heard the stories, and it was time to find if they held any amount of truth.

Later we started getting approached by both private and public clients to investigate claims of paranormal phenomena. When we take on these cases, we are bound by a confidentiality agreement to insure the privacy of our clients. (This is common practice in the paranormal world) Being under these agreements we are very restricted to as what we can release from the case.

The extra time we save from investigating privates cases can be spent on researching, investigating and studying more well known and documented cases of paranormal activity. As well as allowing us more time to research and study experimental investigation techniques in the field.

This will also allow us more freedom with publishing our research, as we will not be bound by confidentiality agreements. While we are focusing on other projects and cases, North Florida Mystery Trackers will remain available to lend our expertise and consult on other cases.

Next year will see our group re-visiting some of our favorite haunted locations around north and central Florida, as well as some new ones.

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